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Hass Pages

Web Projects by Brian Hass

Welcome to Hass Pages!

On October 27, 2009, Geocities was shut down permanently. When Geocities left the web, a large amount of web content disappeared with it. This included a number of web projects by Brian Hass. This website was created to provide a new location for Brian Hass' web projects.

This page provides links to the web projects by Brian Hass. These include:




A few web projects are still in the process of being reorganized and updated. Some web projects are already online and available for access; while, others are still off-line and are works in progress. If the web project of interest to you is currently unavailable, please come back and visit this site again in the future.

A special thanks to Zero Catch for providing the free web space for this website. If anyone else's websites were left "homeless" by the fall of the Geocities web-host, Zero Catch can provide free web space for "resurrecting" those websites (and features a web-based file-upload utility; so, no ftp program is required). The Zero Catch free web-hosting service does include pop-up ads (since Zero Catch does need to pay for the electricity and maintenance to keep the service running).

Also, a thanks to the archive.org Wayback Machine for archiving old copies of the contents of the Geocities and Zero Catch websites of Brian Hass.