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The DJ's from Hell Audio Clips

Note: due to some technical problems, the audio clips listed below are not available on the web at this time. A couple users complained that they were unable to download all of the recordings or to play them in their entirety. As a result, the clips are not accessible for the time being. However, the text remains to allow users to read about some of the more memorable moments from the show.


The "D.J.'s From Hell" show was a weekly radio show, aired every Sunday morning from 12am to 3am (and later, every Saturday night from 6pm to 9pm) on South Dakota Tech's own radio station, KTEQ 91.3FM, Rapid City, South Dakota. Although the show was aired live, recordings of some broadcasts were occasionally made by a number of people, including the DJ's themselves, to preserve for posterity.

From some of these recordings, the following audio clips were selected for this web site. Some were selected because of historical significance to the show. Others were selected for other reasons (such as being a representative sampling from the show, as or being funny). Due to the limitations of storage capacity at the web site, the number of clips is relatively small.

A couple notes must be made. The recordings made during Christian's era on the show are of inferior quality; since, they were obtained by holding a portable tape recorder up the speaker of a clock radio. Also, all of the recordings have a slight buzzing/humming sound. This was not present in the original recordings, but was an artifact resulting from the analog to digital transfer of the recordings (probably originating from the motor of the tape player. However, these recordings are mostly of speech, which can be easily heard in all recordings; so, it is hoped that this will not take away from the enjoyment of listening to them.


The Inaugural Broadcast

JANUARY 20, 1991: For the first time ever, the two DJ's from Hell, Christian Morris and Shawn Stickler, opened the mike and went on the air. Shawn's contribution was mostly lost at the beginning; so, Christian's voice is on most of this recording.

Bilal Sings

FEBRUARY 3, 1991: Our friend, Bilal, was a fellow fifth floor resident who occasionally helped out at the show by pulling albums. He was also a big fan of sixties rock bands (The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, etc.). Sometimes, he even enjoyed singing some of their songs, but was a bit reluctant to do so on the air. A couple of his friends "persuaded" him to do so for this performance, which was pre-taped at Palmerton Hall before broadcast.

Brian Goes Solo

DECEMBER 1, 1991: Technically speaking, Brian Hass wasn't completely alone during this broadcast; since, Kjeld and Bilal were there pulling albums. But, he was completely in charge of the show for the first time (without Shawn being around to occasionally relieve him). At the time of this live broadcast, Brian looked out the north-facing studio windows at the twinkling lights of Rapid City, knowing that at that moment, some of the people in the homes and vehicles out there might be listening to the sound of his voice. He found the moment both exhilarating as well as a bit nerve racking.

Geek Out Hour

NOVEMBER 29, 1992: A friend, Jason Dries, did a Thursday morning show called "Selling My Volkswagon." Shortly before the start of this clip, Brian had just read a promo for Jason's show. Although this promo was legitimate (it went into KTEQ's log), it was a set-up for Shawn's later comments (Brian was obviously a bit distracted). Jason called into the station seconds after Shawn's remarks were aired to "dish it back" at him.


The following is a list of audio clips from "The DJ's from Hell Show" which I wish I had for this web site (but do not). The next best thing to having them is at least describing them, which is the purpose of this section.

Star Trek

At the time of Rapid City's first annual "Star Trek" convention, Brian and Shawn did a promo for the event. Shawn did the promo straight; while, Brian blurted out comments in the background (ex: "Shatner isn't wearing a toupe. That's a dead tribble!").

Shawn's Sign Off

"The DJ's from Hell" show was the last show to air before KTEQ went off the air from 3 AM to 6 AM. At the end of the weekly broadcasts, Shawn usually read the sign off sheet with Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" playing in the background. On one of these broadcasts, Shawn fumbled a bit and instictively began to blurt out the "F"-word on the air before catching himself half way through. It doesn't sound like much. But, Curt had the recording; and, it was hilarious, including Shawn's on-air reaction to his own mistake.


Toward the mid 1990's, after the departure of Brian Hass, a friend visited the studio while Shawn was doing the show. Shawn had him go on the air to play this effeminate character he created called Henry. However, the more he got into the character, everything he said became worse and worse. Shawn was said to have lost his composure to the point where he fell to the studio floor laughing. Shawn reportedly has a recording of this broadcast and has promised a copy to the author (Brian Hass) of this web page. However, the tape was misplaced a few years back; but, Shawn promised a copy if the original tape ever turned up. This was said to have been a classic (not to mention hilarious) moment from the show.
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