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DJ's from Hell Video Links


Sadly, during the time of the original broadcasts of the DJ's from Hell Show in the early 1990's, none of the DJ's had access to a video camera to record their own videos at the studio. Fortunately, other KTEQ DJ's were able to record videos; and, the videos linked below were posted to the web.

KTEQ 91.3 FM Alternative Radio

The following video shows images of what the KTEQ studio actually looked like in 1994, when Shawn Stickler was still doing the weekly broadcasts of the show alone (and, a year after Shawn Stickler and Brian Hass had done the show together). Because of trick-editing, the lay-out of the station within the Old Gym is not accurately depicted (for example, the studio is actually on the top floor of the building, not in the basement as depicted in the video).

KTEQ Schedule

This video from 1994 shows the KTEQ schedule from the spring of 1994. Note: Shawn Stickler's name appears in the 6pm to 9pm time slot for Saturday evening.

Many thanks to the user named Charterstone for posting these videos to YouTube!

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