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The Unofficial
Klarence the Klown Home Page

by Brian Hass

Klarence the Klown and Fluff

Klarence the Klown and Fluff


In the early 1970's, Bill Bass played a clown named Klarence for KMEG channel 14 in Sioux City, Iowa. "Klarence the Klown" was most likely KMEG's earliest locally produced kids' show.

In 1973, Dave Webber joined KMEG as a sportscaster. He would eventually succeed Bill Bass and take over the show with his own grandfatherly character, Pops.

Today, Bill Bass runs an advertising agency in Sioux City, IA.


KMEG TV: the One For You


A special thanks to Fritz Miller for sending the photograph on this page. And, a thanks to Dave Madsen and Fritz Miller for the information listed here.